***(This is a module from the course, THE MASTERFULLY SUBMISSIVE WOMAN, that is being updated right now and will be released this winter.)

Respect from a women towards her man is so crucial to the very integrity and functionality of their relationship, that if given the choice between feeling love…

Below please find the diagram I created which explores Sex as a Means and Ecstatic Possibilities in Sex using the chakra system alongside BDSM play.

Created by Om Rupani. Visit www.omrupani.org to learn more.

You can pour a dollop of shoe shine over a pile of shit, it still isn’t going to look good with your tuxedo.

Too much of what, sweetie??

Too much virtue?

Too much femininity?

Too much softness and suppleness and graciousness?

Too much strength and steadfastness and groundedness?

Too much…

I’ve been teaching about Devotion in the D/s Dynamic for a while now. I’ve written and spoken about how it is that this supremely high frequency of Devotion tends to show up between the Dom and the submissive when they feel intensely connected, when the submissive’s surrender is deep and…


When was the last time a hook-up actually delivered good sex? When was the last time that a date turned out to be a truly skilled lover who understood your body, your psyche, your taboo desires — which you tend to be…

People who are lousy at regular relationships!

If you can barely handle driving a Toyota Corolla safety, for the love of god, do not get behind the wheels of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. …

I’m a Taurus. I’m a man of big appetites. If I have a weakness or an imbalance in my system regarding my appetites, it’s that I have a tendency to over-indulge. When I find the good, I want more of it. More good food. More good drink. More good sex…


Unhappy women are the bane of the universe.

If you are unhappy, your man is losing.

A woman’s unhappiness grinds a man’s spirit into the mud. A happy woman inspires her man off the dirt when he’s been knocked down.

Give your man a path towards making you…


Fear is trending.

Lay open a map. Put a red circle on the spot of every recent attack. Feel the individuals who live in those red zones. Their grief, their bewilderment, their rage. And their Fear. See how fear is changing their inner lives. …


White women can’t wait to throw their white men under the bus these days. It seems to be the prevalent strategy in the victimhood olympics the West seems harnessed into for the foreseeable future.

Do you really think it’s going…

Om Rupani

OM RUPANI has been teaching courses and Tantra & BDSM all over the world for over a decade.

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